Courses Taught

  • Intro Bio I (BY101)

  • Introductory Bio Lab II (BY104)

  • Environmental Science (BY123)

  • Directed Studies in Biology (BY327)

  • Ecology (BY332)

  • Ornithology (BY406)

  • Herpetology (BY458)

  • Independent Studies in Biology (BY427)

  • Advanced Topics in Biology (BY 480)

  • Population and Community Ecology (BY538)

  • Biodiversity of Living Kingdoms (BY 542)

  • Seminar in Organismal Biology (BY571)

Teaching overview:

I teach a wide variety of courses from non-major introductory courses to upper-level and graduate-level courses in organismal biology. A common thread between courses is highlighting the incredible biodiversity that out state holds - from the longleaf pine savannas to our lotic waterways.

Further, I find the best way to learn about our biodiversity is by getting outside and witnessing it in our own backyards. Most of my mid- and upper-level classes have a heavy field component, as do most of the research experiences I offer.

Highlighted Courses:

Ornithology: This course is taught in even spring semesters, and it explored the biology, evolutionary history, ecology and diversity of birds. The class travels Northeast Alabama and gets to encounter our diversity of waterfowl, early spring migration, and even scope nest cavities of the endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers.

In 2022, we encountered and learned to identify 101 species of birds!

Herpetology: This course is offered in odd springs, where we get to observe the phenology (the seasonal timing) of amphibian migrations and breeding season in the winter months, and the reanimation of our local reptile species in the spring months. Students will carry out research projects through the semester, as they learn to identify local herpetofauna.